Charlotte’s Secrets: Demon’s Love by Maryam Malik- REWIEW FUN


Charlotte’s Secrets: Demon’s Love by Maryam Malik is a fresh new novel that grasps your attention with an interesting plot, intriguing characters and twists you never see coming. Maryam has a large future in front of her, and no doubt Charlotte’s Secrets will be BIG.


As the dark ages reign over England, Julian, an ordinary village boy is condemned for Charlotte’s mysterious murder, his wife and to his surprise—a princess of royal blood. Oblivious of the presence of a centuries old demon, Julian is imprisoned in Elijah’s inescapable dungeon where he waits for the injustice of a gruesome death. But when the young man is rescued at the hands of an unexpected guardian…he learns of his role as salvatoris liberet—the single truth that will alter his destiny forever. As alliances form, secrets unfold, and enemies reveal themselves, Julian must decide who to trust and how far he is willing to go for the only woman he’s ever loved.

First and foremost, I loved the writing in this book, having read and thoroughly enjoyed it, now I need more of her stories. She delivered the main character- Julian, which I love the name – as a hopeless romantic and that is a quite unique perspective to read on my opinion; and she made it work! The characters that were along for the journeys of helping Julian were the perfect mix. Gale, Owen, Cassandra an his best friend Watson created a team to be reckoned with. Cassandra is a complete badass, I loved it! With vivid back flashes and world building the world of Charlotte’s Secrets soon became a hit.

The romantic edge that Julian felt for Charlotte drove to the story further into the introduction of magic and the mystical.

“A murderer is a murderer when he kills,” he began, “and the eternal sleep only comes hunting when death has spoken your name.”

Gypsy’s man there are intense! And to add to the greatness, we never once doubted the love that Julian feels for Charlotte throughout the book and the suspense never relented. They did share some steamy scenes that were indeed a prove of their passion and love, its a blusher!

” I don’t know what to believe.” ” I don’t know how to trust. I’m as lost as ever…” “… and afraid. But if there is a chance I can hold Charlotte in my arms again, for that chance– I will do anything.”

AWWW. Julian you are too adorable. (and so is Watson and well so is Owe, the point is the men in the book are no draggers… 😉

The finale left much room and excitement for future books in the series.Have I mentioned the cover, how have I not! The cover is absolutely gorgeous and mysterious. I Love It

Now I’d like to share a thought that can be considered kind of random, but I’m going to express it anyway. The sense of style is incredible in this book. I was repeatedly astonished by some of the descriptions used and to be frank I don’t usually pay much attention to that. P.S loved he color scheme of black and a felt green cloak it sounds so beautiful. And not to mention younger Charlotte’s gown in Circa, Scotland, WOW.

For more information visit Maryam Malik on her social medias, and don’t forget to go add Charlotte’s Secrets: Demon’s Love on Goodreads!

Well guys, this is Jen and for today this will be all I hope you have a great night and I hope you enjoyed this so until next time GO FORTH AND BE AWESOME!



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